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The word "Panigon" appears for the very first time around 1534, under the pen of the french writer Rabelais in his novel Gargantua and Pantagruel.


As a great wine lover, Rabelais tells the story of Panurge and Pantagruel, on their way to consult the oracle of the Dive bottle, and their reception by the king Holy-Panigon on the island of Chely.


The origin of the Vineyard of Panigon is previous to the French Revolution.



The first edition of the guide Cocks in 1850, titled Bordeaux and its wines mentions Panigon. The following edition printed in 1868 qualifies Panigon vineyard among the Crus Bourgeois.


          Guide Cocks, Bordeaux and its wines,1850


Plane trees of Chateau de Panigon

The Plane Trees were planted in XVIII century in order to protect from the summer heat the cellar and barrels  situated originally in the chateau buildig.

Plane tree is considered as holy tree. Its bark falling down is viewed as an action of saint regeneation.